Tools of the trade: Rolly Magpayo


Rolly Magpayo

The Ynzal Collective features veteran landscape photographer Rolly Magpayo, who talks about the kind of tools he uses to produce his awesome images.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Rolly Magpayo. I am an artist, if I need to describe myself in one word. I’ve worked with multi-national advertising agencies from 1991-1998 as an Advertising Art Director. I went freelance from 1998-2005.  From 2005 up to the present, I work as an Art Director for GMA Network.

I am also a freelance photographer specializing in landscape photography and I give workshops in photography, design and film making. I am also a painter and a musician.

130817 photoshopsmall
What tools do you use in your work?

I use a Mac Pro with dual Quad Core, 27” Cinema Display with Wacom Intuos Tablet in my day job. In my home office, I use a 27” iMac with 16GB Ram with a medium Wacom Intuos Tablet. I also have a 13” Macbook for my out-of-town workshops with a small Wacom Intuos tablet.

My iPad and iPhone are indispensable too since I cannot take my Macbook with me all the time.


Cagsawa, Mayon Volcano, by Rolly Magpayo

For my digital files, I have Western Digital 3TB Personal Cloud where I can access my repository of stock photos, music and e-books. I have a Western Digital 6TB Thunderbolt Duo (2 X 3TB in Raid 1) where I keep all my video files. A Western Digital 4TB Thunderbolt Duo (2 X 2TB in Raid 1) where I keep all my photos. A Western Digital 2 TB My Passport Studio for all my active projects and a Western Digital 1TB My Passport for Mac for files that I need with me all the time.

For my workshop display, I have a Western Digital My TV with a Western Digital 500GB My Book connected to an LG 42” LCD TV.

I have a Canon Pixma Printer and a Canon Scanner. I have a Canon 5D Mark2 and a 550D with lenses 10-22, 50mm, 70-200 and a 2X Extender for my Photography Needs.

I have a small but a fully equipped photography studio.


What software do these tools run on?

I use Adobe Creative Suite CS6 most of the time. I use Adobe Photoshop for my artworks and I need it for the TV plugs that I make. I use Adobe Illustrator for vector-based designs and mechanical artworks. I use Adobe In-Design for magazine layouts. I also use Lightroom 4 to organize and process all my photos; Adobe After Effects for doing animated graphics and Adobe Premier and Final Cut for editing videos.


Rolly’s home-office set up.

How was Ynzal instrumental in acquiring these tools for you?

I acquired my first personal Macbook from Ynzal. They gave me the best deal not only in terms of the price but in terms of the after-sales support. All my Wacom Tablets and most of my upgrades came from Ynzal.

What would be your dream set-up?

My current set-up is very close to my dream set-up. It would probably be complete if I have a Wacom Cintiq and Wacom Inkling.

Where can we see your work?

You can view my work on my website, Most of my photos can be found on Flickr.

Read The Heart of My Connected Home.

Here are some samples:



Dry Dock
The Rock

Kat and Nick


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