Design is Key: Spencer Sy

SpencerSy-01Ever wondered who creates  those engaging logos, icons and graphics that you see on the web, in print and sometimes in mobile devices? One such person is this month’s featured artist Spencer Sy. He is a prolific web graphic designer and illustrator making full use of current tools available in the creative industry.

What is your profession and line of business?

I work as a Web Graphic Designer for a mobile marketing company and I also do some freelance design work for various clients. I design websites, landing pages, mobile UI, email newsletters, print graphics, mascots, logos, video rendering in AfterEffects, collaterals and social media graphics.

What tools do you use in your work?

My bread and butter are two 8 Core Mac Pro towers, and a 30″ Apple Cinema Display help me accomplish my design tasks. Thanks to Ynzal Marketing for supplying the equipment for my creative needs. Details of my tools are as follows:

Mac Pro 4.1-8 Core 2.93Ghz / 32gig Memory / Nvidia 285GTX / USB 3.0 -eSATA combo Caldigit card Mac Pro 5.1-8 Core 2.4ghz / 24gig Memory / Radeon 5870HD / USB 3.0 -eSATA combo Caldigit card 30″ Apple Cinema Display Aluminum 2560×16002 External HDs GDrive and Macally USB 3.0 and eSATAExternal Blu Ray Drive eSATA/FW800Extra Radeon 5770HD, Nvidia 120GTEpson ScannerAPC UPS BR1500VA.


I use both Macs alternately or sometimes at the same time. While I’m designing on my main MacPro, the other one is rendering After Effects files, finishing two deadlines at the same time.

There are six internal HDs installed in my MacPro as backing up files securely is important to me. I back up my master files two times for safety. I also keep a clone of my master boot drive as another backup. My work files are stored separately from my boot drive to maximize optimal speed. The 30″ Apple Cinema display provides good color gamut and accuracy for graphics work with its matte finish.

What software and applications do these tools run on?

Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, InDesign, Acrobat. Utilities: XBarrier Anti-malware and Anti-virus, Disk Warrior and Drive Genius, Microsoft Office, the Font Book.

My favorite is Adobe Illustrator as this is where everything in my work starts before merging with Fireworks, After Effects, Flash and Photoshop. In using anti-virus, I know the MacOS is not prone to having viruses. But since I work with various computers exchanging files, coming from Windows or Macs, the virus scanner can protect all files coming in and out from other computers. The Drive Genius helps in defraying fragmented files to lessen any risks of file corruption.

How was Ynzal instrumental in setting up this workflow for you? Please describe your experience doing business with Ynzal.

Ynzal Marketing has tremendously helped me set up my graphic design equipment at reasonable prices. The good customer service and technical knowledge was a big contribution to getting the best tools for creativity. Whenever I need some accessories or if I’m encountering technical problems with my hardware, Ynzal has always been on top of things and responded in a timely manner.

What is your dream set-up? What tools are in your wish list?

My dream workstation is a robust, durable Mac computer without performance problems. Back in the old days, previous models were usually more durable and made use of premium materials. My wish list with regards to upcoming new form factors is for manufacturers to continue using premium materials but with better performance. Since our industry is deadline oriented, reliable and durable hardware is essential.

Do you have plans for upgrading your current set-up?

Yes! Will add PCie SSDs and an Nvidia video card and external HDs. Will get these items from Ynzal. One thing nice about Ynzal is they also offer upgrade option and other computer accessories not available in other stores.

Where can we see your work?

My design works can be viewed in my website,

Some samples of Spencer’s design work:




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